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"FSO Knowledge Xchange events are well-organized with exceptional content, distinguished speakers and valuable networking opportunities."

"The events hosted by FSO Knowledge Xchange are the premier setting for financial services professionals to gain the latest knowledge on business transformations to gain a competitive advantage."

"The forum was well done overall. It was a great opportunity to network with a well-rounded mix of presenters."

"The high caliber of attendees at FSO Knowledge Xchange's events draws us to continue our participation from year to year with FSOkx. We gained some valuable leads as a result of our involvement with FSOkx Events."

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With more than 55,400 opt-in subscribers, FSOkx membership gives you an opportunity to access a wide network of senior finance professionals around the globe. Our subscribers comprise of senior Operation, Technology, Transformation, Strategy, Risk Management and Compliance professionals from Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets. Our newsletter offers the latest information on industry trends in the financial services industry.

For more information on how a membership in FSOkx can help your organization, please contact:

Andrea Billitteri
Director of Membership Services
or (732)-462-3763

Membership Benefits:

Benefits Free Membership Corporate Membership
  Please contact for pricing details
Five individual memberships, login credentials & personal file in directory. bank mergers bank mergers
Unlimited access to online Knowledge Center, FSOkx research reports and analytics, industry insights, podcasts and videos, case studies, and white papers, deals analytics, and monthly knowledge bulletins. Limited bank mergers
1 Advisory sessions with our industry experts each quarter   bank mergers
Publication of 3 white papers or thought leadership articles on, including distribution through 3 FSOkx’s e-newsletter with your company logo.   bank mergers
One Q&A or Case Study written by FSOkx and distribution of that piece to entire 50,000+ readership as a dedicated e-blast. This will also distributed through 3 monthly newsletters.   bank mergers
Posting of press releases during the membership term.   bank mergers
186 x 100 banner on the FSOkx home page.   bank mergers
Hosting a Webinar or a Roundtable at a heavily discounted rate.   bank mergers
Invitation to join the FSOkx editorial council and help determine content for events, articles, and research.   bank mergers