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"FSO's research was extensive and detailed. The data, in-depth interviews and market analysis was all customized and aligned with our business objectives. The cutting-edge research provided crystal clear picture of the market and helped us to devise our marketing strategy."

"The quality of insights and information of the report developed by FSO team helped us tremendously to understand the pain points, market gaps that existed within the GRC technology market. By highlighting successful strategies to gain competitive edge, the report facilitated simple and easy decision making."

"FSO’s quarterly deal analytics and vendor analytics report provides us a good overview of the industry trends and competitive landscape for business process outsourcing at functional levels. It helped us to assess our current offerings and develop a roadmap to further enhance our offerings, gain competitive edge and penetrate new markets."

"….because of their far-reaching membership community, for our research the data sample was collected from all geographies, designations, and market segments. This helped us to get a global picture of the whole industry and helped us to formulate an effective global marketing strategy for our services."

"FSO Knowledge Xchange events are well-organized with exceptional content, distinguished speakers and valuable networking opportunities."

"The events hosted by FSO Knowledge Xchange are the premier setting for financial services professionals to gain the latest knowledge on business transformations to gain a competitive advantage."

"The forum was well done overall. It was a great opportunity to network with a well-rounded mix of presenters."

"The high caliber of attendees at FSO Knowledge Xchange's events draws us to continue our participation from year to year with FSOkx. We gained some valuable leads as a result of our involvement with FSOkx Events."

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Without a well-planned go-to-market strategy, even the most brilliant and innovative products and services will not gain traction in the marketplace. Your go-to-market strategy can literally make-or-break your ability to compete.

FSO Knowledge Xchange provides the following services for firms around the globe:

  • Detailed market survey to identify current industry challenges and market opportunity by geography.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Feature and functionality GAP analysis.
  • Evaluation of potential customers buying cycle including key decision points.
  • Market sizing and forecasting.
  • Marketing, business development, and sales strategies.
  • Client site implementation.

For more information, please contact or phone 646-791-4511.